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Igbo Muslim Family Living In Imo State Celebrates Eid In Unusual Style (Photo)

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Chief Imam of Imo along with his family are celebrating the Eid in an unusual style.

An Igbo family that is Muslim are celebrating the Eid in a way they have not done before.
According to Dailytrust, the Alhaji Sulaiman Njoku’s family of four is set for the activities marking this year’s Eid al-Adha, or Festival of Sacrifice, on which Muslims are expected to slaughter sacrificial animals.
Being the Chief Imam of Imo, the head of the family has the responsibility of providing spiritual guidance to other Muslims across the state for which he has to adequately prepare.
But this is an unusual day – instead of the open ground at Nekede or that at Amausa, the Eid prayers are taking place inside mosques, because of the coronavirus pandemic.
“We’re going to pray in the mosques, according to the guidelines on COVID-19, especially on social distancing and wearing of face masks”, he disclosed.
This is not how Eid used to be celebrated, however.
“Eid was celebrated with pomp and pageantry, just as you celebrate Christmas”, says Imam Njoku, adding, “It was marked with all types of festivities, eating, drinking, sharing and visiting friends.
“But today all that is gone. We have to be careful how we celebrate so as not to go against the protocols on COVID-19. This year, there will be no festivities.”
With three children – two girls and a boy – Imam Njoku’s family is very small, compared to that of his father, Alhaji Yusuf Njoku.
The elder Njoku, who died in February 1995, had three wives and 14 children.
He lived in Kano, where he married his first wife, a Fulani lady.

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